Slag remover(slag coagulant) for removing slag from the molten metal. It is granular. It is used in cupolas, induction furnaces and cast ladle.
2.Using method:
(1) First, a small amount of slag remover adding in molten slag surface;
(2) After completion of the reaction, a thin layer of the agent coated on the surface of the slag, the slag is then removed prior to pouring out;
(3) some of the slag is dispersed in the molten metal in the ladle, the slag is removed, and then repeated;
(4) The amount added should be from about 0.05% to 0.1% by weight of the metal.
3.Chemical Composition:
ModelGrain size(mm)PackingApplication
R-20.85-1.725kg/BagCasting steel
R-30.59-0.8425kg/BagFoundry Perlite manufacturers