XT-D level corrugated cardboard paperboard small carton box flexo printing slotting folding Gluing inline machine
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Main Specifications
Cardboard printing slotting machine

Glue (W)S353535
Trans principleFull-servoGearGear
vacuum suctionvacuum suctionroller to roller
Anilox rollerceramicCeramicSteel锛坰tandard锛?br/>锛廋eramic锛坥ption锛?/p>
Doctor bladeRubber Roller锛坰tandard锛夛紡Doctorblade option锛?/p>Rubber Roller锛坰tandard锛夛紡Doctor blade option锛?/p>
Precision卤 0.15卤 0.3卤 0.5
High Grafic锛?br/>Normal boxNormal boxNormal box
Max. resolution120LPI100LPI80LPI
Max. Speed320 or 240m/min300 or 200m/min200m/min
Remote controlyesyesyes
Introduction Of the Complete Machine
Carton box printing slotting machine
Xintian Company commits to the leading development of automation control, makes efforts to solve the problems existing in production process for its users, collects actual applied data of users and continuously gets improved; the new generation of printing pasting box linkage line is among the advanced level in the industry, enabling packaging enterprises to achieve fully improvement for both quality and benefits. The machine only requires entering necessary data in the HMI of the printing machine, and by one-key positioning can complete the recipe setting, and achieve one-piece positioning, two-piece finished recipes fast changing. The rear end of the printing machine paste box collecting data can automatically adjust, without adjustment again in the pasting box part, making the recipe changing speed accelerate in the printing pasting box linkage line, and greatly enhancing the working efficiency of the whole production line. Through perfect testing and tracking device, when failure occurs in the pasting box part, the printing machine can automatically stop feeding paper, so as to avoid causing paper accumulation and large waste situation. By using intelligent correction system can solve the scissor phenomenon in the process of forming. Ensure the finished boxes are regular and balanced; by correcting positioning can effectively control the seam position in the box forming, greatly increasing the good rate of carton products.
Feeding Unit Details
鈾?Suction-assisted front feeder equipment.
鈾?Optional continuous or skip feeding, with a counter display production quantity.
鈾?Automatic feed and anilox roll joint operation, reduce the waste of cardboard.
鈾?With sucked crumbs dusting machine, can improve the printing quality.
Printing Unit Details
Corrugated flexo printing slotting machine
鈾?Roller vacuum suction transport system
鈾?Plate rollers, embossing rollers are made of high-quality steel with grinding and hard chrome plating.
鈾?Dynamic and static balance correction, Smooth operation.
鈾?Adopts hanging mechanism,锛宨nstallation convenient and fast.
鈾?loading and unloading the printing version is optional of foot switch.
鈾?or electric button to control positive inversion.
鈾?With feeder system pneumatic automatic lifting device (By feeding will the anilox roller down and contact with the plate, when stop feeding will the anilox roller up and separated with the plate.
鈾?phase adjusting mechanism with planetary gear structure.
鈾?the printing phase adopts PLC, touch screen control and electric digital 360 adjusting. Plate rollers with automatic zeroing , dynamic and static phase adjusting, adjust distance of 卤 10 mm.
鈾?the printing phase fixing device with Electromagnetic clutch braking mechanism ; when the machine separated or adjusting the phase, the braking mechanism will restricted machine rotation, keeping the original printing position.
Die Cutting Unit Details
Paperboard printing slotting machine
鈾?Cushion roll, template roller adopts quality steel after dynamic balancing correction, to increase operational stability.
鈾?By Not die-cutting state template roller and cushion roll will through a cylinder eccentric device automatically disengaged, that can reduce the machine-load when no load, and effectively extend the life of Urethane and knife mold.
鈾?Mechanical transmission Urethane can move around 卤 30mm锛?and with a radial differential device, evenly distributed the wear of cushion roll and thus greatly increase the life of cushion roller.
鈾?Unique differential speed compensation device, regardless the diameter change of cushion, speed difference compensation device makes Urethane roller slide with the template roller, and thus the surface speed of rubber pad completely manipulated by knife mold,锛宻o die-cut carton is exactly the same as the mold.
Slotting Unit Details
Small carton printing slotting machine
鈾?HMI and electric buttons adjustment dual system, can complete the adjustment of slotting Height, phase, axial movement.
鈾?Configured self-locking preload fast transfer mechanism, ensure the long-term accuracy between disk and axis , and slow down the damage to cardboard when pressing line.
鈾?Pressing line upper wheel wrapped with the quality polyurethane, guarantee a cardboard hardness from destruction
鈾?Synchronous linkage electric axial movement make the upper and under pressing line wheel, upper and under slotting, upper and under guide wheel synchronized adjust; Self-lubricating wear - resistant guiding mechanism, assurance the long-term correctly and increase durability
鈾?pressing line and slotting wheel axle adopts high quality alloy steel, with grinding and hard chrome plating; Respectively be corrected by rough and fine dynamic balancing equipment, to find the best balance
鈾?Adopts high quality alloy steel slotted knife, tooth profile blade width of 7mm
Folding And Gluing Stripping Department Details
Folder Gluer Unit

Main Parameters
SizemmThe drawing blow
Max speedm/min250
Economic speedm/min0-220
Main powerKW11
PrecisionmmScissors difference 鈮?mm Size seam鈮ぢ?mm


1銆丗olding part of the front conveyor belt by the conveyor belt pressing cardboard forward.
The paper inlet gap and the upper and lower conveyor belt gap can be adjusted
The paper feeding section of the folding part is loaded with spring press wheel and press wheel at the same time
The limit device is provided and the pressure of each pressing wheel can be adjusted separately
Small, ensure accurate paper feed.
2銆乀he middle part of the folding part is provided with a secondary folding device to ensure folding Accurate.
3銆乀he back part of folding adopts vacuum adsorption belt to transport cardboard forward
In order to prevent the cardboard slip scissors.
4銆乀he back part of the folding part is equipped with the lower folding driven by the servo motor independently
Belt, and the speed is higher than the upper folded belt (can be adjusted separately), down
The friction force of the forward rolling of the folding belt and the resistance of the folding board
Forces cancel each other to minimize the scissors difference.
5銆丗orming tower wheel is used to fold and servo motor is used in the back part of folding
Drive, make the folding process precise and controllable, ensure the forming of paper
Cases of elegant.
6銆乀he folding beam moves left and right using electric adjustment

1銆乀he glue-coated box is fixed in an elastic way.Simple and reliable structure, easy to clean
2銆乀he rubber coating wheel is made of stainless steel.Ensure long-term use.
Note: If spray is used, use Kochi'sAutomatic computer spraying system.
Main Power

1銆乀he main power adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor, which is synchronous with the printing machine.Ensure smooth conveying of cardboar
2銆乀he main drive adopts high precision double row chain drive for accurate transmission.
Low noise.
3銆乀he strong wind pressure device prevents the folded cardboard from becoming warped, and
The wind direction can be adjusted to ensure that the cartons are stacked neatly.
4銆乀he high speed plastic flap mechanism is used for the final modification of the folded and molded carton
Counter Output
1銆丳hotoelectric switch counting is adopted, and the height is realized by three servo motors ,Accurate counting and stacking output function under fast running, accurate and reliable batching and punching ,Strike force is small.
2銆丳neumatic push paper structure will count the carton neatly out.
3銆乀ailgate part can be electrically adjusted according to the board width.
4銆乀he moving parts adopt imported lead screw, guide rail, reliable stability.
5銆乄ith the paper pressing device, servo motor drive output to ensure that the carton neat, the height can be set according to each bundle of different paper quantity and electrical adjustment.
6 The discharge part can be moved from side to side as a whole to ensure that the carton always falls in the middle of the machine.
Main Power
1銆両t forms the production line of the carton with the printing machine, and the printing, slotting, folding, carton sticking and counting discharge are completed successively, which greatly simplifies the carton production process, reduces a lot of labor, and can replace manual carton sticking or semi-automatic carton sticking, saving a lot of cost for the enterprise.
2銆乀he complete set of electric equipment adopts international famous brand, the quality is stable and reliable.
3銆乀he main transmission of the whole machine adopts double chains to ensure the transmission accuracy.
4銆乀he key moving parts of the machine adopt imported lead screw, the quality is stable and the precision is maintained.
5銆乀he belt of the whole machine adopts high wear-resisting and high qualityrubber belt, running smoothly and durable.
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