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Competitive advantages of inverted vertical bull block
There are many types of wire drawing machines. Compared with ordinary wire drawing machines, the inverted wire drawing machine has more complete functions, because the inverted wire has the dual functions of wire drawing and winding, so that it will be more convenient for customers to use and reduce a certain number of cost.
There are also obvious differences in the structure between the inverted drawing machine and traditional wire drawing machine (such as straight line type wire and pulley type). The inverted structure is more complex, but the mechanism is still well matched; the common ones are relatively simple, and the main structures of ordinary wire drawing machine include motors and reducer drum and machine frame; the composition of the two difftent types of drawing machine is also different in the degree of difficulty, the inverted structure is complex, the assembly is also complex, the maintenance is also complex, and the maintenance requirements for the equipment are also relatively high, which needs to follow the maintenance manual created by the manufacturer; the ordinary one is much more simple.
When operating the inverted type bull block different processing speeds can be set according to the actual processing requirements, which is simple and safe to operate; the price of the ordinary type is a bit cheap and it occupies a relatively small area. When wire pulling process is going on, there will be problems such as scratches, bruises on the surface; when there are jumpers on the cone pulley, it is necessary to trim the surface of the equipment cone pulley and correct the angle in time; when there is a groove cast on the cone pulley, remove the cone pulley before repairing.
When the take-up wire is rubbed against the side of the take-up reel, it is necessary to adjust the width of the reel and level the side of the reel. If a part of the equipment causes damage to the wire, it needs to be repaired and adjusted in time. When there is a bump between the wire reels, it is necessary to place the wire reels in a "T" shape. The bumps between the spools need to be repaired on the floor, and the operator should should be with an earnest and responsible attitude to prevent the overfilling of the wire.
The correct operation steps of the inverted wire drawing machine
First select a suitable drawing die according to the specifications of the wire, and then install the drawing die on the drawing die frame as required. Then put the wire into the designated position, pass through the wire drawing die of the equipment, and take the smooth and cooling treatment, use the zipper to slowly pull the wire to the reel at a constant speed for a few turns, and then stop.Discount Vertical Wire Drawing Machine