Flash point tester parameter
RangeIndoor temperature—400℃
Temperature ProbePlatinum resistance (PT100)
Flash Fire sensorsIon detection
Power< 500W
Rate of Temperature IncreaseConform to the standards such as gb, the United States, the European Union
DimensionHost: 190*260*285 (mm)
Furnace: 280*260*285(mm)
Environment temperature
Flash point tester advantages
1 Reliable operation of high precision: New type of high speed digital signal processor,
2 Save test time: A host can control more than one test furnace at the same time for multiple sample test
3 Automatic: Detection, open, ignition, alarm, cooling, printing, and automatically complete the whole e*periment process
4 No air electric ignition mode, automatic ignition
5 Detect atmospheric pressure and correct test results automatically
6 Use a newly developed high-power high-frequency switching power supply heating technology, high heating efficiency. Using adaptive PID control algorithm automatically adjusts the heating curve.
7 When the temperature is too high, automatically stop working, detection and alarm
8 Thermal micro printer, makes printing more beautiful and more quickly, with functions of offline print
9 Historical record with a time stamp, store up to 255
10 Centuries calendar clock with temperature compensation, accurate time, automatically records themeasuring date and time, in power-down state may run for more than 10 years;
11 large 320*240 screen graphic LCD display, rich content
12 touch screen buttons, convenient operation and intuitive
13 Built-in multiple standards to choose fromTransformer Oil Flash Point Tester in stock